Announcing Runako & Company Ambassadors

I’m super excited for our team to unveil our Runako & Co Ambassadors. We wanted to approach these new partnerships a bit differently and start with ambassadors from our own community. These are women we personally know and have been using our Runako products; which continue to assist in the improvement of their skin. We will continue with this same strategy of reaching out to our long time Runako users and teaming up with them to build our community together. This approach will ensure that we continue to build an authentic company foundation, grounded in our beliefs, and share direct communication with the people that represent our brand. 

Now let me introduce our Ambassadors

Gail Bean: 

Gail Bean is amazing. She is a producer, actress, writer, and just overall go-getter. Let me brag about my homie real quick, you’ve probably seen her on a few of your favorite shows. She’s been on Insecure, Atlanta, Grey’s Anatomy, Unexpected, and The Belko Experiment, to name a few. I love her energy and her 'Mitchells are born Winners” mantra. She’s the perfect ambassador who is all about her family and her community. I first met Gail exploring ideas for projects I wanted to create for the blog I was working with. We have known each other for years and I’m glad to have her on board for this journey as a brand ambassador for Runako & Company. There’s nobody better to be one of our first ambassadors. 

Ryan Owelle: 

Ryan is a multi-faceted young woman. As a nurse in training, she’s currently working in the front lines during this COVID-19 pandemic. Ryan is an amazing talent, even though she keeps all her talents a secret. She is a DJ, artist, actress, and fitness enthusiast. I first met Ryan when she worked an event we did and we clicked. I’m very happy to continue to grow with her. She is the perfect ambassador for us because she subscribes to self-care, understanding the importance of taking care of one’s self and others. More importantly, Ryan has been supporting Runako from day one. She has supported and shown love to us, and it makes perfect sense she is one of our first ambassadors. 

Runako is excited to begin with these two dynamic women as our foundation for Runako & Co Ambassadors. We hope to expand Runako’s presence and grow our community. 

 To Gail and Ryan thank you! I love you both!! 


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