Honestly, Thank You

We launched our Runako Journals late last year. A space for our extended Runako family to write about their life experiences, ideas, educate one another, share a story, or simply help #spreadsomelove. 

We’ve had a few entries and all have come past my **desk** for editing, and the one question that always has lingered is, when I will write an entry. I’ve mulled for months starting drafts and never finalizing something. Basically over-thinking the writing process, not sure what would resonate with anyone who may read my entry. 

Well, I’ve finally figured out what to write, a simple thank you. Thank you to everyone who has and continues to support us. Even if it was a gesture to support a friend many of you have returned and continued to support because you genuinely have loved our products.

I remember sharing samples with friends and co-workers before we officially launched, working on a sales pitch, and learning how to market the product. I remember receiving our first labels and products and quickly realizing this was happening. Launching our website and social pages, and reworking over and over to get to this point.  And many of you are still buying, you’ve supported as we continue to grow! 

I’m excited to see where Runako will take us, I am excited about the aspirations we have as a team and the potential growth we see. But none of this would be possible without your continued support. 

So honestly, thank you! Thanks for supporting team Runako. Remember to #spreadsomelove. 


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