Runako Inside Out with Kimberly Waldropt

Inside Out is our weekly profile on people and all things personal care. Our profiles will look into different aspects of personal care including physical, skin, mental and health care. We want to know how you’ve been taking care of yourself inside and out and help us share tips, tricks and advice with others. 

Kimberly Waldropt created  TERRA•TORY. A small soap company, est.2017, performed by two-hands and one-heart in Long Island, NY. Every item has been designed, packaged and delivered by this one-woman operation. Kimberly Waldropt's main goal is to create all products using ingredients you can pronounce, and grow in your own backyard. All our products, signature scents are made from ingredients you can pronounce.

Runako: How are you? Especially now with the on-going coronavirus pandemic? 

Kimberly: I’m undergoing a tremendous amount of pain during this time. This pandemic has kept me from being able to travel in order to stay by my father's bedside as he suffered alone and not being able to attend my father's burial. Thanks to COVID-19.

Runako: How have you been taking care of your mental health? Have you implemented any changes to your personal routine?

Kimberly: Meditation and lots of breathing exercises. I like taking showers, and smoking lots of weed.  

Runako: How have you been taking care of your physical health? If not, why?

Kimberly: Oh I love to workout. Staying active, stretching, walking, anything that keeps the body moving. It's so important. I never understood how people get so lazy. Get off your ass and do something. I just purchased a Steel Mace. Google it. It's pretty dope. I'm also thinking about studying martial arts. My dad loved martial arts. 

Runako: We can’t forget about skincare, how has your skincare routine been during the quarantine? Any significant changes?

Kimberly: For my face, I see a dermatologist. I'm acne prone so I let them take care of that. My body; DRY BRUSHING IS THE SHIIIIIIT. Then, I hop in the shower and bust out the 'TERRA-TORY Plantain and Coffee Cube' to cleanse with. Lastly, I body butter it up! Leaves my skin so fucking smooth. 

Runako: What are some products you’ve been loving and using?

Kimberly: Neutrogena Hydrogel Mask and a body brush are my weapon choice.

Runako: Any natural skin care tips or products you’ve tried and are now part of your personal routine?


Runako: Do you have any go-to DIY skincare recipes or combinations that you can share? 

Kimberly: I love a good fresh sea moss or aloe mask; cut up some aloe or soak some sea-moss, stick it in the blender, throw some clay powder in there and go to work. 

Runako: What’s a must in your personal care routine? (Don’t be shy)

Kimberly:  BRAZILIAN WAX BABYYY. It makes EVERYTHING feel better......EV. ERY. THING.

Runako: Any advice, tips or tricks you want to share? Something you might have discovered recently that might help someone reading this? 

Kimberly: Dry Brush, shower, then moisturize for the people that have bumpy skin. (in that order). Um...EATING HEMP AND CHIA SEEDS, taking fish oil and working out does WONDERS for your hair, skin and nails. 

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