Runako Inside Out with Mike Hove

Inside Out is our monthly profile on people and all things personal care. Our profiles will look into different aspects of personal care including physical, skin, mental and health care. We want to know how you’ve been taking care of yourself inside and out and help us share tips, tricks and advice with others. 

Mike Hove is an international multimedia journalist based in the Washington D.C. area. Mike has over seven years of experience in broadcasting, hosting TV and radio shows in South Africa and the United States. He is also a professional voice-over artist. 

Runako: How are you? Especially now with the on-going coronavirus pandemic? 

Mike: I’m doing alright, between work, gym & my other hobbies i.e. gaming (I play a lot of FIFA & GTA) & reading, I’ve been able to keep myself busy and distracted from the mental challenges that a lot of people have faced during the Coronavirus pandemic. That has helped a lot. 

Runako: How have you been taking care of your mental health? Have you implemented any changes to your personal routine?

Mike: I fortunately have a couple of people that I can turn to when I’m feeling down, so they help a lot when it comes to taking care of my mental health. Besides that, I listen to a lot of inspirational feel good music, I occasionally feed my expensive habits i.e. shopping (that always makes me feel better) & I listen to a couple of inspirational podcasts. 

Runako: How have you been taking care of your physical health? If not, why?

Mike: I work out at least 3 times a week. Due to the demanding nature of my job, I unfortunately cannot hit the gym daily like I wish I could, but on Sunday night, Wednesday & Saturday, I absolutely have to hit the gym. 

Runako: We can’t forget about skincare, how has your skincare routine been during the quarantine? Any significant changes?

Mike: I drink a lot of water and try as much as possible to limit the amount of sugar I consume on a daily basis. I also use face wash twice a day, in the morning & at night. That’s kept my skin clear, in fact I cannot remember the last time I had pimples, haha. 

Runako: What are some products you’ve been loving and using?

Mike: I use the Clinique For Men Starter Kit, it’s got like 3 bottles in the kit, face wash, cream shave & moisturizer. I’ve also used Runako a couple of times, loved it, it smells great. 

Runako: Any natural skin care tips or products you’ve tried and are now part of your personal routine? 

Mike: Not really, I drink a lot of water & have the occasional avocado face mask. 

Runako: Do you have any go-to DIY skincare recipes or combinations that you can share? 

Mike: Nah, I use a lot of premade face wash and face mask products. I’m willing to pick up on a couple though, so if someone is willing to share, they should definitely hit me up. 

Runako: What’s a must in your personal care routine? (Don’t be shy) 

Mike: Getting a haircut & clean shave bi-weekly is a MUST for me! I call it “Selfcare Saturday.” I get a haircut, I also get a manicure and pedicure. Nothing makes a man feel better than a fresh cut !

Runako: Any advice, tips or tricks you want to share? Something you might have discovered recently that might help someone reading this? 

Mike: It’s important to take care of yourself. Stay healthy & take care of your mental health. Staying healthy doesn’t necessarily mean heavy weights in the gym, at times it just means take a walk, get some fresh air, if you can jog, as small as those things are, they really help.

Runako: Any New Year resolutions you may want to share?

Mike: I’m an open book so I don’t mind sharing those haha. Someone really close to me made me realize that for a long time I never used to properly take care of my mental health. So that’s one thing I’m really placing priority on in 2021. I’m about to start seeing a therapist so fingers crossed that works out. I am also looking to grow as a media practitioner & so I am opening myself to networking with practically anyone, you never know where your next opportunity will come from. 

Runako: Lastly, not a question, but thank you for taking care of yourself and sharing with others your personal routine. 

Mike: Thank you so much for having me ! You guys are awesome!

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