Runako Inside Out with Ryan Owelle

Inside Out is our weekly profile on people and all things personal care. Our profiles will look into different aspects of personal care including physical, skin, mental and health care. We want to know how you’ve been taking care of yourself inside and out and help us share tips, tricks and advice with others. 

Ryan Owelle is a multi-faceted young woman, from Atlanta by way of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Currently in nursing school at Georgia State University,  she’s currently working in the frontlines of COVID-19 pandemic. Ryan is an amazing talent, even though she keeps all her talents a secret, she is a DJ, artist, actress, and fitness enthusiast.

Runako: How are you? Especially now with the on-going coronavirus pandemic? 

Ryan: Honestly I take my emotions and “states” of being day by day in these pandemic times. I will say I’m grateful for the ability to slow down and really appreciate everything around me that the pandemic provided. But overall I am doing well! 

Runako: How have you been taking care of your mental health? Have you implemented any changes to your personal routine?

Ryan: Journaling, meditating, running (outside), drinking more water, spending time with myself and reading. 

Runako: How have you been taking care of your physical health? If not, why?

Ryan: Running outside helps my mental and physical. Eating more fruits and veggies, cutting back on drinking. Respiratory steams and vitamins.

Runako: We can’t forget about skincare, how has your skincare routine been during the quarantine? Any significant changes?

Ryan: A bad breakout from masks started about a month ago just around the chin/jawline area because I have been wearing masks and face shields at work in the hospital. When this happened I scaled back to an approach with more natural ingredients. 

Runako: What are some products you’ve been loving and using?

Ryan:  Runako body scrub and body butter for all of my skin! I use the scrub 2-3 times per week on my body. The Runako Original body butter is my go to for the body and the Runako Bare is my go to at night for my skin. I have oily skin so for my day moisturizer I use Base Butter Radiate face Jelly (also Black owned). I use the Grapefruit body butter too if I want to switch it. 

Runako: Any natural skin care tips or products you’ve tried and are now part of your personal routine?

Ryan: Runako - entire line. Base butter - Radiate face jelly. I am currently looking for a really good toner. Glossier - invisible shield SPF (just ordered it). I exfoliate twice weekly with pineapple and papaya face mask.

Runako: Do you have any go-to DIY skincare recipes or combinations that you can share? 

Ryan: Sometimes I do a Manuka honey and turmeric mask at home. 

Runako: What’s a must in your personal care routine? (Don’t be shy)

Ryan: Facials by Kim @bookvavavoom. We are working on getting my skin back on track after this breakout. She’s had me incorporate oil cleansing with an all natural oil cleanser that contains hemp oil, a salicylic acid foaming cleanser which has all natural ingredients and comes from willow bark. 

Runako: Any advice, tips or tricks you want to share? Something you might have discovered recently that might help someone reading this?

Ryan: For those with oily skin don’t be afraid of oils! We still need hydration, just use the heavier products overnight. Learning that oil cleansing actually helps to attract and dissolve oil on skin and the pores. @labeautyologist weekly respiratory steams (boil water with fresh citrus slices, cinnamon, essential oils and dried herbs. Acne-prone skin, change your pillowcase often, clean phone screens, less is more with skincare, try more natural products. Skin reflects what is going on inside. Also watch your diet, drink more water and do things that make you smile. 

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